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Herman Jolink, the Netherlands.

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Race #3: Bechyne, Cz.

For the third time in a row the "Grand Nationals" were held at an airfield in the Czech Republic at the 30th of june and the 1st of july 2012, The MSTO found a playground there after the closure of Luckau near Berlin. It was the 10th anniversary of that German timing club of Jerry Lackey and his friends.

Big Daddy's and his crew had prepaired the track well, and created ideal race conditions. The weather predicitions were finally positive, and it was sunny and hot all weekend. No oil down, not accidents, just a few tents flew very early on sunday. Great to see many Czech riders again. Here's top fuel bike pilot Otto Knebble crewing for Michal Vopat in SSB.

When he's not at some race track, he's at his Knebl Drag Factory building racebike in all shapes and sizes. pictured below are two bikes of his latest model:

Friday afternoon the strip was open for free practice, and many riders and drivers used that valuable track time. Simon Lewis arrived in time, but had to wait for his crew before he could make a check out pass.

He was absent for many years, and is delighted to be back. He set up his base camp, and got his bike inspected by our friend Peter Marz. Peter's topgas dragbike is about ready to rumble, but Peter has to recover from surgery before he can ride it, with one more operation still to come. So Marz keeps himself busy as scrutineer. He gets to sit on every bike.

Our champion Herman Jolink was absent at the last race, but did demo's in Italy at the World Ducati Weekend instead. So Harry van Schie took over the lead in the point list, after Jolink was on top for more then two years in a row. Milan Kolacny was chasing Jolink all year last season, and had a good chance to pass him while at his home track. Milan was well prepaired and looked fit and relaxed, and even brought an ice-cube machine to keep cool in the heat.

He did a pass at half past four, couldn't get the needed grip and went out of the groove at the 60 foot mark. Herman looked tired after the long journeys, and had forgotten the milk for baking pancakes. Still he blasted his Ducati down the track during practice in like he usually does, and a second time, showing Roman Sixta who ran his fueler in the other lane how it's done.

Herman tried the left lane twice.
Milan went down in tyre pressure, and found grip in the right lane and went straight as a ruler.

Lot's of damage to the "Full Throttle" blown Harley of Harry van Schie and his team occured during his first test run.

Seems like the "Law of probability" did strike again.

Last year a broken valve stem damaged the front head at the race in Hoskovice, this time it happened to the rear head.

Mechanic Jaap Duin thinks it's not as bad as the last time, with essential material around the valve seats still intact.

They also took the front head off,

to find half of the broken valve stem (top right corner in the above picture) laying on top the front piston, with no furher damage done there. So instead of being sad, Jaap is rather happy, Harry pulled the clutch in time. The team thinks they will make the next race, Drachten2, but there's a lot of work to be done back home in Holland. They enjoyed the show on saturday.The short storm woke the team up early on sunday morning, then they left the track.

Jerry Lackey was a bit sceptic before the event, but most of riders that signed in showed up in Czech republic, even from Denmark and Italy. Five racers from Belgium were present in three different bike classes and three of them made it onto the podium. Two even won! Luc Raymaekers and Marc van den Boer compete in the new EDRS Funny Bike serie. Jonas and Marc of team "Motoraey" raced in Street Outlaw E.T. and the team behaved like they were on a holyday.

Chris van Nimmen from Antwerp rides in Supertwin Topgas. Chris only made two passes since the drastic changes to the bike over the winter, and went in the line-up at half past five to make a pass. Next mornig first round Chris was in the burnout box against Simon Lewis, but shut it off before the start.

Second round he had a decent lauch, but then went ot of shape. Looks like he needs to change his tyre pressure too.

A 99 cent piece caused damage to the mechanism of the twin cam after his second attempt, and with no spare parts he was also out of the race on sunday.

Herman Jolink started off with his best time of the weekend on saturday, and slowed down slightly during his second attempt.

Both riders met at five past five o'clock at the christmas tree in the for a direct confrontation in the third round, and the result gave Milan a lot of confidence.

Herman still was the #1 qualifier, but Milan was aiming for the top speed bonus to score some more points, and now he knew he clould beat Herman and pass him in the list. His rear tyre and the track were getting in good shape. Time to light the BBQ.

At a quarter to eight, at the 4th and last session for the topgassers, Herman was the only one to show up in the class and was not able to better his time or speed.

Simon Lewis had shredded his prime belt and it also hurt the clutch mechanism. With no spares, he packed and went home to repair, and spend quality time with his daughter on sunday. "One day I'll pass them", was his last remark. He was present at all three races, went 11sec, 10sec, and now into the nine's. He focussing ahead now, prepairing and focussing to do an eight second pass.

So with only two riders still fit to race, both Herman and Milan had a bye run in the semi finals before they met at the tree to decide the race.


Milan went 258.6 kmh there making it hard for Herman to snatch the speed points away in the finals.


Herman redlighted in the finals, so gave he it away and was very angry with himself at the end of the track.

Milan was towed back with a big smile on his face and got the biggest award.

He is now finally the piont leader after being so close to that for more then a year. The ex-Roman Sixta Honda is 15 points ahead of the homemade Ducati dragbike, and with only 15 points difference between them, it'll be very exciting at the next race. With 10 points difference in every qualification spot, and 25 points earned for the highest speed of the event, the battle between Jolink and Milan will continue the moment the track will be open at Drachten. Excitement also at spot #4 where Lewis and van Nimmen are very close to each other. See for details the fresh pointlist.

EDRS Funnybikes:

Marc vanden Boer runs a homemade methanol burning supercharged Harley dragbike that he created around the bullet proof Swedish engine that he bought many years ago, with his present plan already in the back of his mind. The new EDRS Funnybike serie is the ideal playground for him.


With the bike sill being developed, he made it into the semi's at the previous race, Drachten1, with a new personal best time of 8.4 and was ready to take it one step further.

He adjusted his fuel system after his check-out pass, then he bettered his p.b. instantly, with 8.40 in this run against Roman Sixta. Then again a new pb of 8.34, and he backed that up twice with almost identical time-slips.

His time on saturday was good enough to qualify # 2 with eleven strong riders present (Hagenstein DNQ) all with 4-cylinder bikes except Roman Sixta with his nitro-burning Harley. On sunday Marc advanced to the semi's after beating Michael Ponça on Yamaha after giving him a head start.


Roman Sixta had damaged the cam drive, and went home early. Davide Richi blew an engine on saturay, tried to get his spare engine to run, then threw the towel in the ring on sunday morning ad drove off. Thomas Joswig suffered an electric Gremlin, and with top qualifier Sven Fagan broke early on sunday, Karl-Heinz Weikum became the favorite after doing a mid-seven pass on his prostock bike.


Marc vanden Boer went out against Raeymakers, after suffering a loose manifold. Boer has planned a few more changes to the bike, so wath out for him during the next races.

Karl Heinz Weikum redlighted in the other semi, so Thomas Joswig was in the finals against Luc "Motoraey". Joswig was convinced he had out found what caused the bike to shut off, but the Gremlin got him again:


Luc Raeymaekers used a hard set-up and his spare 3-speed gearbox to get down to 8.2 sec. in the Bechyne, and hopes to have his 4-speed repaired in time for the next race. He knows he can do an 8.2 with a mild set-up with that, and take it from there in Drachten.

Raymakers took the lead in the pointlist in the continental devision of EDRS-Funnybike.

In Street Outlaw ET it's about reaction during qualifations, then and your own index against an opponent on sunday.

You have to be a real sharp shooter and a skilled rider ( like Stephan Graff, pictured above) to be succesfull in this game and there was a large field of racers present. It was great to see the cowboy from Belgium win the race.

Not long after Marc Geens started racing and won his first award, he was accidentally pushed over at a rock concert and suffered a serious pelvis injury and temporary confinement to the wheelchair as a result. He feared racing was over for him, but he fought real hard to get back, now walks again, and he didn't steal the first prize at the SOET.

In the SuperStreet bike class the first to try the track was Peter Granica who made the biggest burnouts of all the bikes in all classes.

He worked hard over the winter, not only on his bike but also on his body. He lost a lot of weight and carries 20 kilos les around, now. The "Little Joker Gixxer2" (Peter's brother Thomas rides the real Joker and competes aigains the British) got Peter on the podium, as he made third place.

Ondrey Klymcziw was on a home game and one of the favorites in the class but he smoked the tyre in the semi's and lost to the young and talented Tomas Çizec (left lane) who is now in the sadle of his dad's bike after learning the skills in the "National Dragster" class in Cz, that has a limit of 600 cc.

The former owner of Simon Lewis' topgas bike, "Nightrider" Michael Merse arrived in the company of team mate Michael Kaupat, late on friday night. So they had no time to test and tune, and had to fight a hard battle agains the other bikers and against the heat. Kaupi was most affected by the conditions, and could not show his muscles. He quickly changed to crewing for Merse who was on a stormer. A new pb of 8.15 @ 288Kmh in the semi's and 8.20 @ 293 in the finals.


Well done Michi!

Many thanks to the MSTO for the great race. By far the best one this season. What way to celebrate!

See you at the next race, Drachten2, the entree list is already online. Mats Larsson from Sweden is on it. We might see the first eight-field in STTG there this year thanks to him. The biggest knuckle bone in pionts for the fast guys.
Also counting for the Open STTG championship of the Netherlands, that Kolacny won last year.


These are the 2012 race dates:

09-10 june: Drag Day Europe Hoskovice CZ (read report)

22-23-24 june: Dutch Open Drachten NL (read report)

29-30 juni/1 july: Dragster Eurogames Bechyne CZ

20-21-22 july: Dutch Open Drachten NL

10-11-12 aug: NitrOlympx Hockenheim D

17-18-19 aug: Dutch Open Finals Drachten NL

31aug-01 sep: Mosten Race Days Randers DK

The six best results count for the 2012 championship.


2011 Euroserie dates:

07-08 may: Drag days1 Hoscovice Czech republic. (read report)
04-05 june: Drag days 2 Hoscovice Czech republic.
(read report)
17-19 june: Dutch Open Drachten 1,The Netherlands (read report)
15-17 july: Dutch Open, Drachten 2,The Netherlands (read report)
12-14 aug: , Nitrolympx Hockenheim, Germany. (read report)
26-28 aug: Dutch open finals, Drachten 3, The Netherlands (read report)
01-04 sept: Mosten MC Race days, Randers, Denmark.(read report)

Season's review 2012

The six best results count for the 2011 championship.


These were the 2010 Euroserie Supertwin Topgas race dates:

8-9 mai: Hoskovice, Cz (read report)

18-20 june: Drachten, Nl (read report)

9-11 july: Drachten, Nl (read report)

29 july - 1 august: Mantorp, Se (read report)

13-15 august: Hockenheim, De (read report)

20-22 august: Drachten, Nl (read report)

2-4 september: Mosten, Dk (read report)

Best six results count for the 2010 championship.


This were he race dates for the euroserie supertwin topgas 2009.

15-17 mai: Malmö. Se. (read report)

13-14 june: Hoskovice ,Cz (read report)

19-21 june: Drachten, Nl (read report)

3-5 july: Luckau, De (read report)

10-12 july: Drachten, Nl (read report)

14-16 august: Hockenheim, De (read report)

21-23 august: Drachten, Nl (read report)

Best six results count for the championship.

Watch the quarter finals 21 june 2009 Drachten:



2008 season:

1) Malmo (S) 31 May- 1 June (read report)

2) Hoskovice (Cz) 13-15 june (read report)

3) Drachten (NL) 20-22 june (read report)

4) Luckau (D) 4-6 july (read report)

5) Drachten (NL) 11-13 july (read report)

Testing and tuning can be done in Hockenheim on 9-10 aug.

6) Hochenheim (D) 15-16-17 aug. (read report)

7) Drachten (NL) 29-31 aug.
(read report)

Race reports for 2007:

18- 20 may: Malmö (read report)

16-17 june: Hoskovice, Cz (read report) google earth placemark

29 june-1 july: Luckau, De. (read report) google earth placemark

13-15 july: Wittstock, De. (read report) google earth placemark

20-22 july: Turtmann, Ch. (read report) google earth placemark

17-19 aug: Hockenheim (read report) google earth placemark

(To use the placemarks, you must have Google Earth installed on your system. This works best with the Mozilla Firefox browser.)


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Race Reports 2006:

1st race: 17-18 june: Hoskovice, Czech rep. (read report)
2nd race: 30 june-2 july: Luckau, Germany. (read report)
3rd race: 8-9 july Kunmadaras, Hungaria. (read report)
4th race: 14-16 july Drachten, the Netherlands. (read report)
5th race: 21-23 july Turtmann, Switserland. (read report)
6th race: 12-13 aug Vandel, Denmark. (read report)

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Official 1/4 mile record 7.393 sec.

set by Gert-jan Laseur/Nl atDrachten, Holland. 23-08-2009

Euroserie supertwin topgas champion in 2007

Official 1/8 mile record 4.687 sec.

Set by Jesper Thiel, Denmark, on Meca raceway, Malmö, Sweden on the 17th of may 2009



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