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Congratulations to our new champion

Gert-Jan Laseur , The Netherlands.


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Malmö, Sweden, Meca raceway: the first race of the season!

Ideal conditions and an allmost perfect race. A clear blue sky all weekend, and 14 riders qualified for a sixteen field dragrace.

Ulf Ogge was fastest with his new G2 Buell doing a 4.68 and 243 kmh on the 1/8 mile.

Brian Glaesner came second with 4.797 sec, and that is now our new official euroserie supertwin topgas 1/8mile record! Congratulations Brian, and let's hope you can go even faster and take the record back to Drachten soon.

Anna Lena Asplund qualfied number three with a 4.9 sec. and made it into the semi finals where she was taken out by Brian Glaesner in the fastest side by side race of the weekend.

Last year's winner Janne Gustavsson was number four with 5.1.

Bernd Niessen qualified number six, with 5.33, and did a new personal best on sunday of 5.140 sec @ 212 kmh, but redlighted against Anna Lena in the quarter finals.

Roman Sixta came all the way up fron the Czech republic with his blown Honda, qualified number seven with (5.34) but left on saturday evening with a broken gearbox.

Harry van schie

Harry van Schie was just a little slower than Niessen and Sixta (5.35) with a much heavier bike! Late night wrenching for the grease monkeys to get the new "Willemse" gearbox to roll smoothly. Harry was taken out by Brian in the quarter finals.

Herman Jolink qualified number ten. The Dutch Ducati rider was not happy with his 5.67, but he is working full time on his new engine now and hopes to have it ready next race.

Piet Verhoef races the euroserie for the first time this year, on the ex-Hamadi Buell and qualified eleventh with a 5.7. He worked all saturday evening on his clutch but Janne Gustavsson was to fast for him the next morning.

Buy a topgas bike on friday evening and win the race on sunday! That's what Frank Heitmann did. He bought a topgas bike of Karst Julesgarden, and traded in his V-rod Destroyer. Heitmann qualified number five with a 5.31 on saturday, and was riding the bike like he had it for years.

He beat Herman Jolink and then Janne Gustavsson who didn't have a good start. Then the semi finals: The sun was baking hot on the line-up, and all riders were waiting in the shade, exept for Frank, he was sitting in the sun on his bike, waiting with his helmet on. Maybe this helped him, because his opponent Ogge was sleeping at the tree, and reacted too late to catch Heitmann.

And in the finals Brian could not start his bike, so Frank won
easiely, but he didn't take it easy, another 5.3.
We all feel Frank deserved to win, after years of problems with his old
bike. He had a bit of luck, but this luck would not have helped, if he had
not taken the wise decision to buy this new bike.

Brian Glaesner is fresh the leader of the championship now, but he will not go to Hoscovice, so Frank Heitmann has a good chance to the top there. So don't miss the action, see you all soon in the Czech Republic!!!



Here is the changed and updated list of racedates for 2008

1) Malmo (S) 31 May- 1 June

2) Hoskovice (Cz) 13-15 June

3) Drachten (NL) 20-22 June

4) Luckau (D) 4-6 July

5) Turtmann (CH) 19-20 July

Testing and tuning can be done in Hockenheim on 9-10 Aug.

6) Hochenheim (D) 15-16-17 Aug.

7) Drachten (NL) 29-31 Aug.



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Don't forget to check the 4sale section, there are a lot of fast bikes on it now and many parts.


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Official 1/4 mile record 7.890 sec.

set by Riccardo Giliberto/I at Hockenheim, Germany. 17-08-2007

Euroserie supertwin topgas record holder since 2001.

Official 1/8 mile record 4.797 sec.

set by Brian Glaesner, Denmark,  at Meca raceway, Malmö, Sweden on 31-05-2008.

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