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Congratulations to our 2008 champion

Frank Heitmann, Germany.


welcome racefans


Report race 1.

Malmö Meca raceway, what a fast track!
Three guys did a personal best, and the 1/8 mile class record was broken by one of them.

Arriving in Malmö on thursday night, we saw a lot of birds sitting on the still warm track.
But only just after the finish line, they didn't want to get sticky feet.
The track was prepared some more on friday, and that evening two qualification rounds were held.

Ronald van de Werken could not get his bike to run, while Harry van Schie's bike stopped after burnout.

What a fine style for our class to kick off the season!

Harry got back into the line-up, and Ronald went to repair the starter engine.

Last years winner and champ Frank Heitmann also could not start.
But with some help of Bernd Niessen"s crewchief Gerd Caspari, the electrical problems were solved.

Jesper Thiel was the man to beat, with a 4.718 and 4.8 "fresh from the trailer".
He even broke the record, held by Brian Glaesner, only needed another low 4.7 to officially back it up.

Herman Jolink arrived in Sweden with a fresh slick on the rear of his Ducati and four new carbs fitted.
But his tow bike was not so fresh, with a frame so bent, the engine almost touched the ground.
So his team spent the friday afternoon and used a jack to straighten it, while Herman prepaired the race bike and cut a steel reinforcement for the frame. Team Full Throttle van Schie has a professional welder named Barney.
The whole team came over, lots of cables, bottles and a big clamp, but they could not get it to fire, so no cure no beer!

Help was nearby, a member of Anna Lena's team did an excelent job, must be a professional too.

Anna Lena Asplund qualified good, with a very low five, but she damaged the gearbox, so no show for the race.
Stefan André had a broken shift fork, repaired that on saturday and broke it again on sunday morning.

Twelve people signed in to race, but when the eliminations started, there were only seven left to do so.

Harry van Schie was the worst hit, as he went down and off his bike just after the finish (5.0 @ 212).
Ronald did a great job avoiding both Harry and bike. Harry walks away with only a few scratches, but the beautyfully engeneered bike looked seriously damaged. So they left on saturday afternoon. It rained for the rest of the day, with a very cold wind from the east.

It looked very bad for sunday, but it was all bright and sunny that morning.
A final round of qualifications was held, before three rounds of hard drag racing.
That was the round for Heitmann, he did a 5.327, slightly slower than Ronald and good for bump spot.

Ulf Ögge took the lead with a 4.60 in nice clean pass.
The team payed a lot of attention to the setting of the wheely-bar.
They even had a prostock champ mesuring the height.
That didn't prevent him from loosing the right direction in first round against Frank Heitmann.

Ulf crossed the lane at the 100 meter mark, but he saw it coming and was off the throttle in time to be any danger to Frank, who advanced to the semi's.

You don't need to qualify to get into the finals. The proof of that was Herman Jolink this weekend.
With Harry, Andre and Anna-lena gone, the first and second alternate came in the race as second pair.

Herman Jolink did a personal best in that quarter finals, the narrow slick got in better shape.
5.313 @ 213Kmh
He did his worst pass of the weekend in the semi's against Frank Heitmann, who didn't do good too.
Herman had the better reaction, and that kept him barely ahead.

Bernd Niessen did a personal best of 5.118 first shot on friday on the ex-Caspari alu-Buell.
Stefan Andre failed to show up for the race, so a bye-run for Bernd.
Bernd redlighted against Jesper Thiel in the semi finals.

finals malmö

So Jesper had already kicked out Ronald van de Werken, and Niessen but still needed that backup.
Thiel crushed Herman Jolink, and you can forget that 4.7. That's now just the back-up of the new official supertwin topgas record set at Meca raceway on the 17th of may 2009: 4.687sec!

Jesper and Herman


Traveling home with team Jolink we had a blown tire at the German autbahn near Bremen in the middle of the night, while I was behind the wheel of the van. There was no trafic at that time so i could easily stop the thing.
So we had to use the jack again that weekend.

I hope everybody made it home safe, like we did.
Already counting down for and looking forward to the next race.
Hoskovice is always so much fun.
Put some Gambrinus on ice, Yvona!

Latest update on the Schie-bike: Jaap thinks the frame and engine are okay.

The new race dates for the euroserie supertwin topgas 2009.

15-17 mai: Malmö. Se.

13-14 june: Hoskovice ,Cz

19-21 june: Drachten, Nl

3-5 july: Luckau, De

10-12 july: Drachten, Nl

14-16 august: Hockenheim, De

21-23 august: Drachten, Nl

Best six results count for the championship.

Not really a supprise, no unknown tracks.

The first race, Malmö, will be a "bikes-only" event.

The track in Drachten will be repaired next week, let's hope they will get it flat like a pool table.


Two new members, Jesper Thiel from Denmark,

and Ronald van de Werken from the Netherlands.

We allready saw them last year, and they were fast.


Thanks to Frank Heitmann for hosting the meeting.

All teams, make sure that Frank has your valid E-mail adress and telephone number.

An update of this site in a few days, with pictures of the new teams.

Send me your info, boys!

Uwe Kahmann


And we are still looking for sponsors for the posters and flyers with the above dates.



In the spring of 2008 the bike on the above picture was for sale on this website. Frank Heitmann liked what he saw, traded in his V-rod destroyer on the first race of the year, and you can see the results below. Frank won the first and the last race of the season, and also the most prestigious one, the "Nitrolypix" in Hockenheim. And there were two second places and once a third place for him. So he was six times on the podium.


Here is Frank with Brian Glaesner, who gave good competition and won in Drachten and Luckau.


Bernd Niessen won the race in the Czech republik. Herman Jolink came third.


Dris Hamadi came second in Drachten.


Cord Albers won Luckau in 2007 but Brian was too fast this year.


Drachten 2 was undecided because of rain., Herman Jolink and Ronald van de Werken made it into the finals. Ronald plans on a full euroserie topgas season next year.


Angela is standing in for Tom Tinndahn. and Herman Jolink was very happy wit his second place here.

drachten 3 2008

It was not decided untill the last semi finals, but Frank beat Cord to secure the title. And then beat Harry van Schie to win the race. Frank is also the 2008 (dutch) eXplosion supertwin topgas champion because of his results in Drachten 1, 2, and 3..


Many gratulations to Frank and his team. On this picture of the party and ceremony, Angela is standing in for Brian Glaesner who came second overall. And Herman Jolink got the award for third place.


The annual topgas meeting will be held at the clubhouse of Eldagsen Mc near Minden in Germany. On saturday afternoon, the 28th of february 2009. There we will decide on the 2009 race dates for our championship. Details will follow. See you all there.

Here is the changed and updated list of racedates for 2008

1) Malmo (S) 31 May- 1 June (read report)

2) Hoskovice (Cz) 13-15 june (read report)

3) Drachten (NL) 20-22 june (read report)

4) Luckau (D) 4-6 july (read report)

5) Drachten (NL) 11-13 july (read report)

Testing and tuning can be done in Hockenheim on 9-10 aug.

6) Hochenheim (D) 15-16-17 aug. (read report)

7) Drachten (NL) 29-31 aug.
(read report)



Race reports for 2007:

18- 20 may: Malmö (read report)

16-17 june: Hoskovice, Cz (read report) google earth placemark

29 june-1 july: Luckau, De. (read report) google earth placemark

13-15 july: Wittstock, De. (read report) google earth placemark

20-22 july: Turtmann, Ch. (read report) google earth placemark

17-19 aug: Hockenheim (read report) google earth placemark

(To use the placemarks, you must have Google Earth installed on your system. This works best with the Mozilla Firefox browser.)


Don't forget to check the 4sale section, there are a lot of fast bikes on it now and many parts.


Race Reports 2006:

1st race: 17-18 june: Hoskovice, Czech rep. (read report)
2nd race: 30 june-2 july: Luckau, Germany. (read report)
3rd race: 8-9 july Kunmadaras, Hungaria. (read report)
4th race: 14-16 july Drachten, the Netherlands. (read report)
5th race: 21-23 july Turtmann, Switserland. (read report)
6th race: 12-13 aug Vandel, Denmark. (read report)

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Official 1/4 mile record 7.890 sec.

set by Riccardo Giliberto/I at Hockenheim, Germany. 17-08-2007

Euroserie supertwin topgas record holder since 2001.

Official 1/8 mile record 4.797 sec.

set by Brian Glaesner, Denmark,  at Meca raceway, Malmö, Sweden on 31-05-2008.

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