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In the weekend of 9-10 july the fourth race of the euroseries was held in Hungary at a former russian airbase in Kunmadaras, east of Budapest. Ten riders made a long journey to compete in an eight field dragrace on the quarter mile. All racers and crew were given a free meal on friday, and even the french rocketbike racer Eric Teboul enjoyed the "haute quisine" so much, that he came back early on saturday evening to taste the free goulash soup after launching his bike to an incredible speed of 339 kmh after just 200 meters.... People who cook like that, can be trusted!

The topgassers had three chances to qualify on saturday. Kay-thomas Heinze had bad luck again. This time he broke a shaft in his gearbox, when he left the startline for his first attempt. He did not qualify, but stayed for the riders presentation, held on sunday, just before the race. Sadly enough Kay-thomas was completely ignored by the enthousiastic speaker. Otto Bauer, winner of the last race, came out on top with 8.6 seconds, but still lacked the topspeed of last races. Axel Seifert went fastest, with 239 kmh. Frank Heitmann qualified second, with an 8.80, and fast Axel was third, just 0.03 seconds behind Frank. Friedriech Wolfram, who wrecked an engine in Hoscovice, had been wrenching for three days and nights to finish his bike just in time to race. He was not able to get the right piston rings in time, so his motor produced thick clouds of smoke at every twist of the trottle. (Wolla found the goulash soup a bit spicy, by the way)

He qualified eight, just 0.14 second after Klaus Peter Weimar, who made his first appearance on a racebike this year. He even brought a alcohol injected supercomp hotrod with him. And a video beamer to create an outdoor cinema on saturday night. The team of grease monkeys arrived at 4 in the morning on saturday after a major repair job on the rear axle of the trailer while on the road near Regensburg. They felt like the mechanic who had been dreaming about mufflers all night: exhausted.

Hartmut Koch was number nine again, but he got to race the top qualifier on sunday because Weimar signed off. Knowing he had to beat the big man at the startline, Haddel played poker at the tree, waiting a long time before getting in stage, and it payed off! Otto redlighted, so Hartmut got the win, to meet Herman Jolink in the semifinals. Herman had a wild ride against Roman Sixta, going almost sideways after the start.

He used all his riding skills to stay in his lane and beat Sixta and the beautyfully engeneered supercharged Honda. At the other side of the ladder, Wolla had a defect batery after his burnout, handing the win to Frank Heitmann and Axel was 2fast4 Brüsch. Herman had no problems with Koch, he did a clean, straight run of 8.94 seconds and 241 Kmh, putting him in the finals again. Axel only needed 8.7 seconds to deal with Heitmann at 242 kmh, so also won lanechoice. Herman did his best reaction of the weekend, beating axel at the startline, but it was followed by his worst 60 foot time, because he forgot to open the trottle! So Axel won the race and also closed the gap in points with Herman.

Both riders are now together on the number two spot in the championship, just 105 points behind Otto Bauer. Otto picked up the bonus points for speed for the third time in a row. His monster produced 262 Kmh (!!!) in his quarter final pass against Koch.

We are over half way in the championship now, and three men have taken a clear lead over the rest. But Heitmann is climbing the ladder now and after a Ducati and a Bauer engine, a Harley finally took the win, so anything can happen. More hot action in our next race, in Switserland, where the riders have to adjust the setup to the high altitude of Turtman airfield.

Many thank the friendly people of Hungaria to make our stay as pleasant as could be. Not only the promotor and startcrew, but also the enthousiastic audience made it a great weekend in good racing spirit!

More pictures, by Jan Sunek

Results of the race can be found on www.kunmadarasmotorsport.hu

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Newsflash: Some of our members competed in the dutch Internationals, 15-17 july in Drachten. Harry van Schie repaired his broken cases, but tuned it down to 1900cc. Gerd Caspari qualified #2 but signed off, he had electronical problems during qualy session 7 & 8. Michael Merse was beaten in the first round by Marc van de Boer from Belgium. Marc and Harry lost the semis, Job Heezen won the race, Criss van Nimmen came second. He also did a new personal best of 5.52 sec. Heezen clocked 5.17 during qualifications, and 5.15 on Sunday. And we saw John Geytebeek enter the 5 second zone...Picture1 Picture2 Picture3


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Official 1/4 mile record7,950 sec.

set by Riccardo Giliberto/I at Hockenheim 18.08.2001

Official 1/8 mile record4,975 sec.

set by Riccardo Giliberto/I     at Drachten 13.07.2003