TG 521

Gerd Caspari / Germany

Gerd Caspari entered the STTG class in 2001 with his modified street twin bike and wheelybar.

In 2002 Gerd's Alu-Buell saw the light. With a "Van Swieten" engine and "Ed Kemp" heads.


Team Low Budget Team
Engine H-D S+S   136 cu.inch, 2240 ccm
Injection Hestec
Frame homemade Aluminium (welding by Schmicking)
Transmission R + D (USA)
Front Wheel+Tyre Kosman , Mickey Thompson slick
Rear Wheel+Tyre Kosman, Mickey Thompson slick
Horsepower 220 PS at Rear Wheel
Weight 185 kg
Racing since 1994
Sponsors W+W Cycles Gladbeck, Harley Davidson Koblens, Joy Leather's Holzwickede, Schmicking Performance Wheelchairs

 Gerd was the runner up in the 2003 STTG Championship.

After the 2005 reason, Gerd sold his bike to Bernd Niessen, and ten years later he bought it back and made his comeback.

Caspari's best time is 8.303 seconds, set in Hockenheim in 2016.