TG 1

Axel Seifert / Germany

2003 , 2004 & 2005 Champion


axel in drachten



Team  1/4 Mile Machine

Axel Seifert

Crewchief Ines Glaeser
Frame Milwaukee Iron Shop

Harley-Davidson 125ci (2100 cc) bigtwin,

4.00" bore, 5.00" stroke; compression 1:15.5

Flywheels S&S
Heads S&S; valve in: 2.10", out: 1.85"; Camlift: 0.785"
Injection & Ignition Hestec, free Programmable
Pistons JE pistons


Clutch Bandit "lock up"
Transmission Zipper's 5-speed racecase
Wheels and tyres

210 kg

Best times and speeds

1/4 mile: 8,66 sec. @ 248 kmh (155 mph)

60ft: 1.24 sec. Track: Shakespeare County Raceway, UK

1/8 mile: 5,41 sec @ 205kmh (128 mph)

60ft: 1.21sec. Track: Drachten, Friesland, NL

Sponsors & support Hestec, Branch flowmetrics.

Axel sold his bike to Frank Peisker, and has a seat in the V-rod Destroyer Cup in 2006.

More pictures here

Mpeg film of the last race of 2005

20 Mb, so for high speed connection only!